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Carving out space for Black and Brown Voices

DYB Publishing is focused on making space for Black and Brown voices in the publishing industry. We will be releasing our projects for 2023 soon. Stay posted!

The Pack is as chaotic, confusing and delightfully purposeful as many of you have come to find the author to be, himself. It offers a fresh approach to many fantasy classics and, as you would expect from J. Knighten, it throws everything you've come to expect out of the window. Werewolves, zombies, clowns, zombie-clowns and an unhinged narrator who is determined to mock you as efficiently as he entertains you. This book is everything you would expect if you read a Lemony Snicket book, if Lemony Snicket was a Black, Queer Actor who got his kicks and giggles from mixing edibles and a healthy dose of making white people uncomfortable. 

The picture is always bigger than you think.


Stories intersect as the powerful all fight for Alfajiri in the only way that they know how, not even realizing that their individual lives are just pieces of a larger puzzle. One where they must each learn to see beyond themselves in order to survive. 




A growing threat in the south.

A fight to uncover magic long forgotten.


Alfajiri is on the brink of unraveling in more ways than any of them know. Its only hope is for its leaders to see the bigger picture before it is too late.

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