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Indie of the Month

February, 2023

Thank you for joining us in our fight for indie authors. Fighting for change starts with the least represented demographic, so thank you for doing your part to bring change to the publishing industry!

Thank you for your support! Make sure to grab your copy today and use the attached link to follow the author on social media! And if you are willing to offer additional support, sign up for our affiliate program HERE and help us promote this book through your own social media!


May A Divine Awaken

On the lost continent of Pyris, eight lands are controlled by Divines—powerful beings with abilities to manipulate metals, harness the wind, and turn flesh to ash.

Since their inception, Divines have been responsible for protecting eight sacred keys. Keys that if combined will unseal a forbidden relic of omnipotent power known as the Book of Pure. Desperate to claim the book’s power, the King of Aypha devises a sinister plan to eliminate the Divines and obtain the eight keys.

Caught in the middle is Marcus Azure, a young Aypha soldier born with blemished skin marks that leaves him ostracized by his people. When assassins attack his village, Marcus vows to prove himself and sets off on a quest of revenge. But along the way, he encounters Sinclair Bonet, a disgraced queen who reveals to him a powerful secret. She offers to awaken Marcus’s power, but doing so comes at a grave consequence that will force Marcus to either betray his people or advance his king’s mission.

Unfortunately, the final decision may not rest in his hands…

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