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Before they were gods, they were princes of Dasos.

For years the kingdom of Dasos was ruled by the merciless King Cronus and the bewitching Queen Rhea. Under their rule, the kingdom prospered until the queen discovered she was pregnant with their third child, Zeus.

Hated from birth, Zeus must fight to earn his father’s love and his place alongside his brothers: Hades and Poseidon. If Zeus can find the legendary elixir known as Ambrosia, a substance prophesied to make gods of men, not only will he win his father’s approval, he will secure the future of Dasos.


Centuries later, Dasos is merely a dilapidated village nestled deep within a brutal forest full of roving bands of the vicious Unhallowed, soulless creatures set to destroy anything in their wake.

Lilith, a curious woman with a fiery spirit, stumbles into town with no recollection of where she came from. All Lilith knows is that she’s drawn to Dasos the same way she was drawn to Finian, the town blacksmith.

A storyteller and weapon forger, Finian is plagued with nightmares of a dark shadowed man. After Lilith’s arrival, the nightmares intensify and soon Finian questions what is real and what resides only in his mind.

When the town is attacked, Lilith and Finian find themselves pawns in a centuries old war between feuding brothers. Destruction, death, and the cursed Unhallowed lurk around every corner.

Love and loyalty will be tested.

Hearts and bodies will be broken.

An unknown enemy will awaken.

Welcome to the world of Dasos, where gods and mortals collide.

Ambrosia Throne: DYB Edition

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