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Inventor Nesting 2013 32 Bit Torrent: The Best Software for Sheet Metal Nesting

the assembly tool compiles an assembly of all nesting studies in a single assembly as seen in figure 1a. the assembly is saved either in the original (compiled) format or in the project format (figure 1b).

Inventor Nesting 2013 32 bit torrent

the member files tab contains folders that organize the nested studies. each folder contains a collection of nested studies. as we all know, nested studies have several types. the types can be encoded on the file name, such as neste for engineering. you also have material ids, you can find all nested studies within a project that contain a particular material. you can also specify which type of study to build from the fly-out menu shown in figure 2a and figure 2b.

the home tab allows us to launch the overall report or to launch the nested studies report. the 3d view, engineering, surface view, and surface 3d view tabs are options for viewing all or specific nested studies in the active sheet. the design tab has the option to choose to enable design attribute definitions for all nested studies or for all nested studies with the selection of a project file (figure 3a). figure 3b shows the selection for an engineering nested study sheet.

on the file menu, you can export all nested studies or a particular nested study as a dxf file, as a dxf file with the construction lines shown, or as an autocad dwg file. the dxf file with construction lines is limited to one nesting study and one sheet and provides no information on the original nesting study sheets. the dxf file and the autocad file are limited to one sheet per nesting study.

the materials tab provides the ability to apply materials to all or selected nested studies. materials are not shared between projects in the same folder, so a project cannot apply the same materials to multiple nested studies. instead, materials are applied to nesting study sheets. this option was previously found on the file menu. figure 4a shows how to apply a material to an entire folder. figure 4b shows how to apply a material to an engineering nested study sheet. figure 4c shows how to apply a material to a 3d component (assembly).

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