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This study aims at revealing the implementation of "Kurikulum 2013" in natural sciences, specifically for junior high school, during the COVID-19 outbreak in Bantul Regency. This research belongs to a quantitative descriptive study using a survey method. The data collection was done by distributing online questionnaires in a Google Form among the respondents of junior high school teachers in Bantul Regency. The collected data were then analyzed for categorization and description. Of 52 teachers as the research respondents, the results showed that most teachers (44%) implemented the emergency curriculum, the other (31%) kept using the "Kurikulum 2013", some carried out curriculum simplification independently (17%), and (8%) combined the curriculum, i.e., one semester with the 2013 national curriculum and the following semester using the emergency curriculum. The implementation of natural science learning during the outbreak in the odd semester and even semester of 2021/2022 academic year was mostly carried out with online-offline models (65%), full online model (33%), and full offline (2%), respectively. The teachers used various learning applications, such as WhatsApp (28%), Google Classroom (22%), Google Meets (14%), Zoom (11%), word (8%), e-learning and virtual labs 3% each, google forms (2%), and other applications such as telegram, fastone, quizez, padlet, youtube, etc. as much as 1% each. Furthermore, 63% of teachers in Bantul Regency stated that the achievement of the curriculum during the pandemic was only 50-75%, and only 21% of teachers stated that 75-100% of the curriculum was achieved, while the rest (15%) admitted that curriculum achievement was below 50%. This is in line with the data of students' minimum completeness criteria (KKM) with 75% of students obtained below the KKM which is much lower than the results before the pandemic. Several constraints that contribute to this condition are limited learning occasion, inadequate facilities like networks, devices, and experimental materials, and students' internal factors like their discipline, literacy skills, and involvement during the learning process.



I can set a particular number of attempts in a quiz. This number is set for all users in a quiz. But I am interesed in setting induvidual number of quiz attempts for each user. Is there any possibility with standard module or maybe threre is another module for quizez with such functionality. 041b061a72

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