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CCleaner Professional Plus V4.12.4657 Keymaker-CORE Setup Free ((FREE))

a key activated key will be the same as the number on the key you buy. if you buy the key from us, you will get a key activated license that will be saved on our servers. you can then use this license to activate the ccleaner professional plus v4.12.4657 keymaker-core setup free on your pc.

CCleaner Professional Plus v4.12.4657 Keymaker-CORE setup free

the first time you use the latest version of ccleaner professional, you will be offered to choose your license type. choose the yearly license and you will be prompted for the license number you bought from us. insert the correct license number and press continue.

you will now see the interface for the ccleaner professional plus program. press save. the software will be saved and will be listed under ccleaner pro plus. if you change your mind about the settings you changed, you can press the button revert to the original settings. if you want to keep the settings you changed for the future, select save & exit. press ok to exit the program.

with many of the programs on the internet, you cant be sure that what youre downloading is genuine and safe. so we recommend you download our full version of ccleaner from our website instead. youll be able to download it and run it free for 14 days. simply download it from our secure website and follow the instructions. if you do decide to keep the free version, we offer a discount for you by giving you a code for 10% off a year subscription to our paid-for product.

once youve installed ccleaner professional, youre ready to clean your pc. as well as allowing you to run various tools to optimize your computer, it can also help you keep your personal and online information private. theres a privacy tab which you can use to control your privacy settings. if youre worried that your pc is sharing your information online without your permission, you can disable cookies, get rid of your browser history and block your ip address from being shared.

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