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Long Distance By Brandy Mp3

With you is where I'd rather be,but we're stuck where we are.It's so hard, you're so far..This long distance is killing me.I wish that you are here with me,but we're stuck where we areit's so hard, you're so far..This long distance is killing me.

Long Distance By Brandy Mp3

It's so hard, it's so hard, where we are, where we are, you're so far.This long distance is killing me.It's so hard, it's so hard, where we are, where we are, you're so far(so hard, so hard, where we are, where we are, your so far).This long distance is killing me.

"Long Distance" was written by two-thirds of The Smeezingtons production team, singer Bruno Mars and writer Phillip Lawrence.[2] Penned along with producer Jeff Bhasker, the song was one of the first records Lawrence and Mars team collaborated on.[3] Production on the track was handled by Mars and longtime Brandy contributor Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, who expanded the original demo track which was sung by Mars.[3] Eventually scouted by Norwood's A&R manager on Epic Records, Brandon Creed, the track was presented to Norwood, who "fell in love with it" upon hearing and later approved of it.[3] "Long Distance" was recorded at The Boom Boom Room in Burbank, California, with Mars, Lawrence and James Fauntleroy serving as vocal producers.[1]

When asked about her relation to the song, whose lyrics deal with the conditions of long-distance relationships,[4] Norwood elaborated that "Whether it's a significant other or your daughter, a lot of people are away from the people they love. I met some lady, and she was telling me her husband is away in Iraq right now. I was like, 'I have the perfect song for you.' Just being in a long-distance relationship, that experience is weird. You're not able to have that time, and you need that time."[5] She further added: "I was like 'Oh my God so many people can relate to this! This is big!' It was all beautiful and Rodney [Jerkins] came in and did his thing on it."[3]

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Brian Murphy is a long time co-host of The Miskatonic University Podcast. He works at home in the tech industry and has far more time on his hands than he will admit. He would also like to ask his neighbors to stop building things with power tools in the middle of the day.

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